2016 / India - Myanmar - Italy / coming soon april 2017

Around a Vision


The aim of Around a Vision is to observe places, people, stories that question our certainties. We want to tell the journey of five athletes that look for a different, holy, almost primitive vision in the Asiatic land. Together with their sporting, distorted vision of the city that is for them a real playground they ll be able to reach their purpose. Brace yourself, you re about to see Italy, India and Myanmar lived between experiences at the limit of humanity, mystical acquaintances and athletic evolutions.



Director / Cinematographer: Riccardo Chemello
Co-Director / Cinematographer: Alberto Ferretto
Color Correction: Stefano Zordan
Trailer Recording Studio: Focal Rhythm Productions LTD
Trailer VoiceOver: Simon

other staff coming soon

coming soon april 2017